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Superannuation is your ticket to being able to do all the things you want, once you've done the hard yards and settled into retirement.

While at a young age, retirement and superannuation might seem a long way off, the earlier you start to build that nest egg, the better.

Choosing the right investment strategy within your superannuation fund is important too. While you are young, with a longer time frame to build wealth, you might consider an aggressive growth portfolio within your superannuation fund.

As you near retirement, your Australian Financial Solutions Group adviser can work with you to reduce the risk of your super investments with a balanced portfolio, to help protect the wealth you have worked hard to build up over your working life.

Upon retirement, an adviser from Australian Financial Solutions Group can work with you on the best way to draw an income from your superannuation fund so that you can enjoy your new lifestyle.


Click here for the Changing rules on super contributions

                  Why super is still simple