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About AFSG

Australian Financial Solutions Group (AFSG) is a boutique Financial Planning dealer based out of Western Australia.

Our mission is to create a belief in lifetime financial planning, because we see creating and looking after your wealth as a lifetime commitment. That’s why we recommend meeting with you regularly so we can provide wealth advice and guidance throughout the different stages of your life. Together, we can build the financial wealth that let’s you enjoy the truly important things in life.

Australian Financial Solutions Group (AFSG) as a boutique dealer group, allows our authorised representatives greater flexibility in regard to which products we can choose for our clients. We can recommend virtually any investment option available to Australian investors. Recommendations are made on an objective basis, determined by product quality alone and thorough research.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be able to offer simple and easy to understand advice from very simple advice through to the more complex strategies required for our clients.